L2 Public Chain Taiko Hekla Testnet Babysitter Level Tutorial

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L2 Public Chain Taiko Hekla Testnet Babysitter Level Tutorial

Taiko is a decentralized Ethereum equivalent ZK-EVM and general ZK-Rollup. Its purpose is to allow developers and users of dApps developed for Ethereum L1 to use Taiko without any changes.

Taiko is expected to go live on the mainnet in May-June, and 50% of the total will be continuously airdropped to the community and eco-developers. Both testnet users and mainnet users have the opportunity to receive airdrops. The cost of the testnet is zero, so it is highly recommended to try!

The mainnet is coming soon, so the latest Hekla testnet must be done!

  1. Claim Holesky Test Water

(1) Method 1: Claim through faucet.pk910 mining


This site was previously used to claim water, but it has been blown up and now requires a gitcoin score of 10 or more to claim water.

Claiming method: Enter your EVM wallet address, complete the robot verification, click on mining, wait until you mine a certain amount and then stop mining (the fingerprint window may not be able to complete the robot verification, you can claim water in the local browser).

  1. Method 2: Claim water by tweeting https://faucet.trade/


This faucet can claim a lot of water, you just need to tweet to claim water.

Method of claiming: Enter your wallet address, complete the follow and tweet tasks, copy and paste your own tweet link (if you can’t find it, look in your own tweet reply column), and click claim after completing the robot verification.

  1. Method 3: Claim water by tweeting via Stakely


  1. Quicknode claim water (wallet balance needs to be greater than 0.001E)


  1. Add Network
    (1) Add Holesky NetworkOpen the link, connect the wallet, and click to add the network to the wallet https://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/
    (2) Add Hekla NetworkSteps are consistent with Holesky Network https://chainlist.org/?search=Hekla
    If you can’t directly add the network through chainlist, you can use METAMASK’s custom network. You can view the network related information from the above chainlist link.
  2. Cross-chain ETH from Holesky testnet to Hekla Network
    (1) Open the cross-chain bridge webpagehttps://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/
    (2) Connect the wallet and switch the network to Holesky(3) Enter the amount of ETH and click on cross-chain.
  3. Carry out Swap interaction
    (1) Open the swap webpage https://swap.hekla.taiko.xyz/#/swap?chain=taiko-hekla
    (2) Connect the wallet and switch to the Hekla network
    (3) Select any trading pair, enter the amount, and click to exchange (I tried the TTKOh trading pair, it might fail, you can change to another trading pair)
  4. Add and remove liquidity
    (1) Open the pool webpage, click on add new position https://swap.hekla.taiko.xyz/#/pools
    (2) Select the slippage range, click on full range
    (3) Select any trading pair, enter the amount, authorize and click to add liquidity
    (4) Try to add and remove liquidity, the operation is relatively simple, no more to say.
  5. Cross-chain tokens from Hekla network to Holesky network https://bridge.hekla.taiko.xyz/The operation is consistent with the previous cross over to Hekla, no more to say.

Please note that the test network may be a bit stuck and prone to failure, so you need to have some patience.

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